Harvesting Robot
Artist Impression
Sweet-pepper crop
in the greenhouse

The SWEEPER harvesting robot was shown last Wednesday, 12th of September 2018, to growers, the industry and researchers at the Research Station for Vegetable Production PSKW at St. Katelijne Waver in Belgium. A large group of almost 50 interested people followed the presentations, after which they could see the robot live in action. There was a lot of interaction between the visitors and the project consortium.

You can watch a short video report from the local TV (RTV) here:



Material for media and press

  • A ZIP file with a collection of high-resolution photos, including the ones shown below, can be downloaded here, These may be used publically by using the reference: “Source: www.sweeper-robot.eu”.
  • For videos please see the Videos section of this website.
  • Sweeper flyer (PDF)
  • Presentations handouts of the PSKW demo will be made available within in the next days here.

You can still download the presentations given at the first demo in July here: SWEEPER demonstrated its harvesting robot for the first time